Two hands working on a metal part in a shop
An ambitious, persistent thinker.
“I can say with confidence that I truly enjoy my job, and it does make me want to pursue this amazing career path.”

Seth Rennaker, Student Technician

What are your roles/responsibilities at Delphi Technologies??

My role at Delphi Technologies involves a lot of variety. My main job is to assist any of the Powertrain TDE’s (Test Development Engineers) that may need help with something. This can be a wide array of things, including building cables in-house for future tests, modifying load boards/signal boards, and even running some electrical tests that need to be done.

What are your interests and?activities outside of work and?school?

If I am not at school or work, I am probably doing something outdoors. Some of my favorite things to do are?hiking, fishing, and hunting. I also make it a priority to workout 4 to 5 times a week, and calisthenics is my go-to work out option. I love calisthenics training because you can do it practically anywhere, making it very hard to make up excuses on why you can’t work out.

Some other hobbies that I am currently in the process of getting into include playing guitar and knife making. I have been practicing guitar for a while now, but would still definitely call myself a beginner. I haven’t officially started knife making yet, but I am very close to getting the forge built so I can actually heat treat the metal. Hopefully, I can have that hobby started before the summer is over.

What is one interesting fact about you?

One interesting fact about me is that I have a twin brother who works at Delphi Technologies with me. We are both in the same group. He is in EET and I am in MET, but besides that, our lives are looking very similar at the moment. We will have to see how long it will take before we start merging off into our own paths.

If you could travel anywhere in the world right now where would you go and why?

Being someone who is very interested in travel and have so many places I want to go, it is very difficult to pinpoint just one. If I had to choose, I would travel to New Zealand because of how beautiful it is. They have some amazing mountains and hiking trails there that I don’t feel like I would ever want to leave. Also, I am very interested in mountain biking, and New Zealand has some of the best mountain biking trails in the world. It would be an experience that I would never forget.

What does your typical day look like?

My typical workday is pretty straightforward. I get in at 7 a.m., and spend the first 30 minutes looking at emails and getting prepared for the day. Typically, I already have something to do for one of the TDE’s, so I will start to work on that. I will do that until we have a meeting, then I will typically go to lunch around 11:30 a.m. After lunch I will continue to work on my project until 4 p.m., then call it a day. After work I usually workout right after and then eat dinner. At night I like to watch TV, spend time reading a book, and finally go to bed to start the day over again.

What has been the biggest takeaway from your experience thus far?

The most important thing that I feel I have taken away from this experience is how everything functions in an engineering atmosphere. There will clearly be differences depending on where you work, but just getting a feel for how things operate really gives me a feel for whether or not I actually want to pursue engineering for the rest of my life. I can say with confidence that I truly enjoy my job, and it does make me want to pursue this amazing career path.

Where is home for you and how did that shape your upbringing?

Home for me is where I currently live considering I haven’t moved out of my parents’ house yet. With me going to Purdue Kokomo, it doesn’t make sense for me to move out and have extra costs when I can be using that extra cash flow to pay off all my schooling and even have extra to start investing. This type of mindset is not something that many people think of, and would rather just move out. I personally give credit to my upbringing on why I am thinking about my future this way and I am also extremely grateful for the opportunity to be able to stay at home for the time being.

What has been a challenge faced during your internship?

I feel like the biggest challenge that I have faced during the internship is when it gets really busy while also having to deal with school work. I work year-round, so when school starts, I only work 24 hours a week. If we have a very tight deadline on something, I need to work with the rest of the team to make sure that the task at hand can be accomplished with the limited hours that I am there in a given week. If it can’t be fixed by solely me, then we need to bring in extra help to make sure we don’t get behind on any important projects.

Any tips or advice for future interns?

The biggest tip I can give to anybody who is applying for internships is to send a follow-up email if you have not received a response yet. I applied for this job and did not hear anything at all for a month. I wanted to receive a "yes" or a "no" on the opportunity for an interview, so I politely wrote a follow-up email just asking what the status was on my application. I got an interview in three days after I sent that email. Sending a follow-up email truly shows that you are committed to this potential job opportunity, and employers really like that. Don’t be pushy, but if you haven’t heard anything for a while, a follow-up email can go a long way.

Side tip --?If you don’t know why a manhole cover is round, then you should probably find out. I knew when they asked me that during my interview, and for all I know that is what got me the job I have today. Probably not, but you never know.

What’s next for you or what are your?career goals?

I have some pretty ambitious plans for my future, but that has never stopped me before. My current plan is to get my master’s degree, although I am not sure whether or not I want?to further my education in engineering or to pursue something like an MBA. Besides that, I do plan on eventually finding some internships/careers that pertain more to what I am studying. I love my current job, but it is definitely more of a EET job over an MET job. I would love to continue my knowledge on 3-D modeling as I feel that is a weak point for me at the moment.

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Student Technician Intern


Outside Interests
Hiking, fishing, hunting and playing the guitar.
Purdue Polytechnic Kokomo, Indiana.