two student interns studying a business report and comparing the data in the report to information on a smartphone.
Discover our interns and how they are making a difference.

Meet our interns.

In celebration of the time our interns have spent with us, we want to shine a spotlight on a handful of rising team members. To each intern at our various locations around the world, we say thank you. We wouldn’t be the company we are today -- or the one we're striving to be tomorrow --?without our students, who bring fresh ideas, passion, and enthusiasm to our company culture. We hope you enjoy discovering more?about each fantastic intern as much as we enjoy having them as part of Delphi Technologies.

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Tiago Matsui

Engineering Intern, Brazil

Meet Tiago! Tiago learned English?by talking to foreign friends online and playing video games.

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Product Engineering Co-op, Mexico

Meet Luis! Luis was recently brought on full time as a Product Engineer at Delphi Technologies.

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Morgan Lashbrook

Graphic Design Intern,
United States

Meet Morgan! Morgan loves the arts, exploring new places and trying new local restaurants.

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Sky Chen

Calibration Engineer,

Meet Sky! Sky just completed his internship and is working at Delphi Technologies full-time.

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Lorena Fierro

Human Resources Co-op,

Meet Lorena! Lorena has been cheerleading?for six years and is?a four-time national cheer champion.

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headshot of man with blonde hair wearing salmon colored polo with potted plants in the background

Chris Cousineau

SEO Specialist Intern,
United States

Meet Chris! Chris?collects and sells retro video games and plays alto saxophone for the Oakland University pep band.

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Madison Ellsworth

Manufacturing Engineering
Intern, United States

Meet Madison! Madison plays club?water polo and is on the Mars rover team.?

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Margaret Hastings

Communications Intern,
United States

Meet Margaret! Margaret has a twin sister and is a student-athlete in college.

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Brand & Communications Intern,

Meet Hegla! Hegla is interested in the second World War and loves to take?photography photos.

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Amy Faville

GDi?Injector Intern,
United States

Meet Amy! Amy likes motorcycles and hopes to follow in her parents' footsteps as an engineer.

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woman with light brown hair wearing black button up shirt with arms crossed smiling in front of large blue circle with D in the center affixed to wall

Vanessa Lima

Supplier Quality
Engineering Intern, Brazil

Meet Vanessa! Vanessa likes to spend time with her nieces and is a student-athlete in artistic gymnastics.

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Headshot of man with short brown hair wearing white t-shirt with tree branches in background

Octave Kleynjans

Environmental Health & Safety Intern, Portugal

Meet Octave! Octave is learning to speak Portuguese and living in Portugal for his?internship.

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man wearing black polo with arms crossed smiling in front of large circle with white D affixed to wall

Matheus Pinheiro

Warranty Intern,

Meet Matheus! Matheus loves to practice various sports and watch documentaries.

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Junhui Li

Product Engineer Intern,

Meet Junhui! Junhui uses?optimism to create harmony in cross-functional groups!

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Seth Rennaker

Student Technician,
United States

Meet Seth! Seth has a twin brother that also works at Delphi Technologies that is in the same engineering?group as Seth!

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